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We have been brainwashed into feeling that creativity and idea generation is an exclusive club of the 'blessed by nature', and some of us is not a member there.
I deferentially differ.

Computer Operating Systems get updated as the world and the world of users change, DOS by Microsoft has been continually updated, and today, we have the latest Windows Operating Software called Windows 10.

Desktop Computer Software is continually updated. Necktop Computer Software is not. That is, the way we think has not changed. When we change our thinking, upgrade our ability to use whatever we know and design opportunities, we can be successfully successful! Welcome to the world of unlimited success. Welcome to snehom!

What sort of thinking do we have about our thinking? What is our attitude to thinking? It is high time we changed our thinking. We walk on acres of diamonds, on a land of opportunities, but we are constrained and conditioned by our limited thinking of Industrial era mindset: we were taught that business is a zero sum game; when one gains ten, the other loses ten.

Zero Sum Game, my foot!

In the Knowledge Era, business is about coopetition: cooperating to grow the business pie, competing to get a lions share.
WE CAN create value monopolies.
WE CAN all be Opportunity Designers.
WE CAN all make it happen: Ramen Profitable!!
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If you want to work online, you need to socialize online. A great way is Learn English Online!

Engaging, fun filled conversations can help you become a dynamic communicator. At LEO, you connect and cooperate with learners from different parts of the globe at a Skype conference. The lessons are like practicing a game of football. As the players play as a team, they enjoy the game, enjoy camaraderie of team and continually improve their performance at the game. Similarly, at the Conversation Club, there are Professors of English language, teachers, students from different continents, all intent on becoming a dynamic communicator. Those at the bottom rung are the paid learners. Others get paid to be in the team. The fee collected by each is in proportion to their expertise, contribution etc.

Overseas students are members of
  1. WikiEducator
  2. Global Classroom
  3. Hello Little World Skypers Juniors

In the story above, a grandmother sells her skills online to make money. Anyone can replicate the concept.
Welcome to the world of cooperative learning. The friendships lead to economic opportunities as members cross sell services and products among the community itself.