On 22 September 2016, I met Head Teachers of schools managed by Verapoly Diocese.
I have offered to connect the schools with schools abroad, help our schools register at British Council's Schools Online program to help the schools globalize and teach our students 21st century skills.

As a Trainer at Pioneer Buildup Programs, I was lucky to connect with the cream students of the diocese. Yesterday's meet and greet will pave the way for educating families to use technology and be successful all round.

I have invited Michael Soskil, one of the 10 Finalists of Global Teacher Prize to wish the Priests, Teachers and students at the Pioneer Buildup Training program. Unfortunately, the power of educational networking went unnoticed as there were only school students when Micael Soskil came online.

But this time, I should be able to do better - I was able to meet the Head Teachers of Verapoly Diocese's schools..
I plan to report my activities on this wiki - so as to enable schools to learn from each other.

Students of these schools will be able to present this year at Global Education Conference in November, adding a new dimension to education in Kerala.